An introduction to my new factual posts

The world is a beautiful place, but I have spent too much of my life so far sitting in dreary offices in modern business parks, or living in grey streets with no colour or nature. I plan to use my factual posts to explore ways to ensure I spend more time in nature, in stunning surroundings, and less time sitting at a desk in an office next to a roundabout.* I will also be writing about things that I come across that inspire me, which I expect will include art, photography, people and places.

One of the best things I have done in the last year was to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge. (See for more details). The biggest thing I learned from that experiment and all the support and coaching that surrounded it was that I need to have 3 things in my week to make me feel enthusiastic and alive: writing, exercise and fresh air.

I pen poems on trains, tweet 140 character poems, write 75 word stories and sometimes start my day with a 20 minute burst of writing to get my brain thinking creatively. Much of that writing is inspired by the outdoors, by things I have seen in my local area and by sights further afield, whether recently or in the past. By feeling the elements on my skin as I walk along a beach, challenging myself physically and mentally by walking up three mountains in 24 hours, or simply watching birds flying in formation over a local field at sunset.

I started a weekly creative photo challenge recently with one of the other 30 Day Challenge participants – we pick a topic and then try to find something beautiful to photograph during our working week in our respective offices. These photos also inspire me by making me capture small details, notice things that fit into our weekly theme. They remind me that even if we work in drab surroundings, there are pretty things out there. Small pink flowers hiding in an ugly concrete wall, glorious gorse growing by a motorway slip road.

There is beauty everywhere if you look for it and notice it and choose to breathe in its magnificence and enjoy it. What will you notice about your surroundings the next time you step out of your house or office?

PS. Please keep coming back to see what’s new in my factual writing, and keep commenting on posts so I can see what people enjoy reading. And please do share with others – the more the merrier!

*For the benefit of my current colleagues, I’m talking about the big roundabout next to my previous office!

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