What’s so obvious and natural to you that you take it for granted?

I came across this video some time ago and it’s lingered at the back of my mind since then. It says that we all have strengths and talents that we take for granted, and we often don’t appreciate how useful those ideas or skills would be to others. I revisit it every now and then and think about it, wondering what on earth my talents are that are so obvious I haven’t seen them.

I was reminded of this video last night when I was chatting to someone at an event. We were talking about projects we’re doing, how we’re getting on with them, what we like and dislike about them. And she was explaining to me how she loved coming up with the ideas for this particular project of hers, but didn’t enjoy the planning and organising part.

And I stood there thinking “but I LOVE planning!” – which I do, in addition to writing, proofreading, taking photos and creating websites.

The first thing I do when someone suggests an idea or a project or an event is to start writing, whether notes in a notebook or opening a new spreadsheet and starting a plan with lots of coloured squares and tasks and timelines. I love the process of making plans – thinking of different ways to achieve a goal, tweaking ideas into a practical form, anticipating any time-limiting steps or potential problems, researching ideas and options, suggesting a structure or process for how to implement the idea and what tasks to include in a plan, writing about the plan, writing some instructions etc etc…..

What are the talents that you bring to a team that you haven’t even realised were useful?

Whatever you’re working on, there may well be a bit you don’t like – do you know anyone who might help you with that? I’m going to find out whether there is anyone out there with an exciting creative project or event who’d like me to help them create a plan.

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