Wizards, Wands and Weirdness

Last weekend, I visited “The Making of Harry Potter”, an exhibition at Leavesden Studios near Watford, where the studio parts of the films were shot. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as a fan of the films was delighted by the quantity of memorabilia, sets and behind-the-scenes that was on display.

Potions at The Making of Harry Potter

Perhaps I shouldn’t spoil it too much for those planning a visit, but the sets on display included The Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s hut and the Gryffindor Common Room. Each set was decorated with unusual objects, as you would expect from a Harry Potter set. I especially loved the potions classroom with all its weird and wonderful jars of creatures and plants.

I can imagine that some people would spend hours here, looking at objects that relate to their special interest. Graphic design, costumes, props, models, creature animatronics… So nice to see all the items on display – some of which were integral parts of the films eg Dobby and some that were just background detail, but added to the atmosphere of the films.

Graphic design at "The Making of Harry Potter"

We spent around 3 hours there, including a break for lunch (very cold, as there had been light snow that morning!).

I’d definitely go back another time as it was impossible to take in all the details of everything in one visit. One for adults and children alike – but you’d need to have seen at least one of the films, or you might find it all a bit odd and confusing!


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