Address Unknown – photographic exhibition

I came across a wonderful photographic exhibition and concept last week. It’s called Address Unknown, and it was on display in Windsor over the Easter weekend.

The organisers invited professional and amateur photographers to submit photographs taken in 2012 – from anywhere in the world, on any subject. The details submitted with the photos had to include the month in which they were taken and the location.

I went to visit and found a varied and inspiring exhibition. Photos suspended on chains from the ceiling, dangling there categorised by month, twisting and turning and jostling for my attention. There were photos of local places, of tropical destinations, of urban streets, of beautiful natural sights, of people, of bright colours, of striking images, of amazing detail….. I would have loved to know the story behind each one, to examine them all in much more detail – but even wandering around the photographs a few times, I only touched the surface of the exhibition.

I found it truly fascinating, similar to the way that I love browsing on Flickr and Instagram, imagining my own stories and being inspired by the views and perspectives. Choosing my favourites, picking up threads of themes and following them wherever they lead, seeing photos from all over the world.

I was looking out for an image to purchase, and liked quite a lot of them, but nothing stuck out as being The One. I was on the point of indecision when I spotted another one, hiding cheekily away at the top of the October display. It was a photo of The Long Walk in Windsor, a local place that I visit from time to time (when feeling energetic enough to walk all the way to the Copper Horse!). It’s a view that has meaning to me, as it holds good memories of people I’ve walked there with and the occasions that took me there. The photo I bought had mist, atmosphere, autumn colours…. and a deer grazing. Beautiful.

I will look out for when the entries open for next year’s exhibition, as I would love to contribute in some way – to see one of my photographs in such illustrious company, surrounded by so many beautiful sights. I know quite a few photographers in Berkshire and far beyond, so will share the details with them too so that they can add their snapshot of 2013…..

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2 thoughts on “Address Unknown – photographic exhibition

  1. Nice blog, would have loved to have gone along to the exhibition. Not only to see all the entries hanging in the gallery but to also see my 3 photographs I entered x

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