A tale of two towers

One of my favourite things is looking at the world from above.

For me, that’s also the best part of flying – seeing mountains with snow on and paths only visible from above, patchwork coloured fields laid out like tablecloths for miles and miles, or familiar sights like The Thames in London, but from a new angle.

Fortunately I don’t have to spend money on flights all the time to see things from above. There are always towers to be found to climb, or to ascend in a lift….. so I have been indulging in my love of views in the last month – from no less than the tallest building in the world (Burj Kalifa in Dubai) and the tallest building in Europe (The Shard in London). Both tall, both pointy, both shiny!

View of Dubai

Burj Kalifa offered a slightly hazy view of Dubai on the day that we visited, but we could still see a long way into the distance, with contrasting views from each side. One way was desert intermingled with the odd residential complex and a wide multi-lane highway. The other way a modern collection of buildings, skyscrapers vying to be the most bizarre or most shiny or most oddly shaped. And I could just about make out the islands that were starting to become “The World” before the project stopped – and the distinctive sail of the Burj Al Arab.

We were extremely fortunate with our view of London, visiting The Shard on the first sunny day in quite some time.

Our view stretched out to Wembley in the North West, the Olympic Stadium and Orbit to the North East, from the London Eye (a dwarf in comparison to The Shard) and Houses of Parliament to the wonderful OXO tower with its intricate window design.

I don’t think I’ll top those two views for a while, but in the meantime I will find myself some smaller towers and hills to climb and perhaps appreciate some local vistas instead.

Do you have any favourite views you can recommend?

London from The Shard

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