Trees, trees and more trees

Last weekend I was browsing the internet and came across a fabulous exhibition of tree photos, by a photographer called David Anthony Hall. I looked at the prices of the photos, smiled wryly to myself and bookmarked the page to come back to and gaze at longingly. You can see his beautiful photos here (I recommend that you look):

Coincidentally a few days ago I found another website about trees that inspired me – this one by the Woodland Trust called Visit Woods. It contains details of woodlands to visit all over the UK, and I even came across some local ones that I didn’t know about. I spotted a photo competition on the website that is running until the end of July, and decided to find some local trees to photograph.

Trees and London Eye

Look for woodland inspiration and details of the photo competition here:

Before I managed to see any local trees, I happened to be in central London, and thought I would see if I could find any there. Surprisingly I did find some photogenic trees – that were also fortunate enough to be next to a London landmark!

I finally got round to seeking out some local trees yesterday, and decided to take advantage of a fairly sunny start to the day to go to Burnham Beeches.

It is an area of woodland in South Buckinghamshire, predominantly beech trees but with other varieties of tree mixed in. Perfect for a wander during the week or at weekends, and popular with dog walkers. It has hard paths as well as woodland paths, and depending on which direction you walk in, you may come across a pond and the occasional duck or two.

To view a map of the area and details on how to get there, visit:

During my walk I came across tree bark coloured with lichen, some twisted and mangled tree trunks and branches, ivy intermingling with trees, and skeletal branches and trunks standing out against the background of a bright and cloudy sky.

My favourite photo of the morning was this one:

Trees and skyI will be visiting more woodlands over the coming months, hoping to see the transition from spring to summer, and no doubt photographing whatever I find. So keep an eye out for more posts about places to spend time with trees!

Trees are everywhere – what do they inspire you to create?


P.S. If you’re still in need of some tree-related inspiration, have a look at this. I came across this video recently – the story of three trees described through the eye of a creative soul….

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