Lots of lovely lakes

I like lakes. Almost as much as I like the sea. There’s something very peaceful about a huge expanse of water surrounded by trees and picturesquely-located benches. (Unless of course there are ducks and geese around!)

Dinton PasturesFortunately I live in an area where there are a number of country parks and similar landscapes within easy reach, with varying sizes of lakes. I have occasionally been disappointed by a country park, but rarely.

Last week I visited a new one, Dinton Pastures, near Winnersh on the outskirts of Reading. It has multiple lakes of various sizes, and a range of different walking routes around them. The lakes are surrounded by woodland, with gravel paths winding around them and lots of viewpoints over the water. I spent an hour there, and walked around one lake, but could have ventured further and spent more time there. I will definitely go back and explore more.

For more information on Dinton Pastures, visit Wokingham Borough Council’s website:

Dinton PasturesI do have a couple of other favourite lakes, one of which is Virginia Water, near Old Windsor, which is part of Windsor Great Park. The other is Black Park, right in the South of Buckinghamshire, just near Slough. Black Park is the smaller of the two, and a walk around the lake takes 15-20 minutes, but the park also has an expanse of woodland to explore. Virginia Water, being part of Windsor Great Park, could provide a whole day of walking.

For more information on these….
Virginia Water: http://www.theroyallandscape.co.uk/gardens-and-landscape/virginia-water/
Black Park: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/parks/black_park.page

Black Park

Black Park lake

P.S. The observant among you may have noticed that the title of my second e-book was ‘The Lake’. It was inspired by country park lakes in general, but not by a specific one. The first few chapters describe the lake environment and the people walking around it, before the plot takes hold…. Follow the link on the right hand side of this website if you’d like to buy it and read for yourself….

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