A month in photos

A few days into April, I decided to set myself a challenge to take a photo of something – anything – every day.

The plan was to publish a collection on here at the end of the month. I thought that my photos could end up being fairly dull and had no idea what the month would bring. Fortunately because the weather is starting to get warmer and the flowers and trees are beginning to flourish, there is a lot more to take photos of in April than I expected, even just walking down an English high street. I actually spotted a lot of things I didn’t have the chance to photograph, which is a shame as some were very colourful and would have looked nice on here!

I did make one special trip to photograph trees (the image of the intertwined trunks comes from that day), but all of the others were from my day to day life, whether trees on roads near my house or office, flowers in the garden, or features I spotted in a town while out walking.

So below are two collages of my month of photos….

One set clearly shows a fascination with trees – leaves, trunks and shapes against the sky.

The other set shows colourful spring flowers, the sky and other natural features. And even a cushion – with a flower pattern on!

Collage of tree photos Collage of flowers

By making myself take a photo each day, I’ve seen once again (as I saw when finding inspiration for creative writing) that there are so many little details of natural beauty around us if we just take a minute to look for them and notice them.

And what next for my photography?

I will be setting myself another 30 day photo challenge – not necessarily this month, but in the next few months.
Would anyone like to join me in a 30 day photo project? It would just involve choosing a project and posting photos at the end of the month, maybe with a progress report in between. Let me know by commenting below if you do!

P.S. Just thought I should mention that all but one or two of the photos above were taken with a phone camera, so no fancy equipment needed. I may well use my next challenge as a reason to get the DSLR out and do more with it….

14 thoughts on “A month in photos

  1. What a lovely collection of photos – I love the way you’ve included the British Museum roof in with the flowers and sky shots – all lovely shapes. I would happily join you for a 30 day photography project, now that the weather is better – the only thing that concerns me about a project in the winter is that I’d end up photographing my lunch every day!

  2. Wonderful collages Nina! Yes I’d like to join you on another 30 days of photography. I also love trees and nature and have Photocrafty. S x

  3. Hi Nina,
    I’d join you in a photo challenge, not at the moment as I’m doing a video challenge this month!, but June sounds doable.

    You’ve taken some really pretty and interesting photos! I have the same philosophy for the photos on my blog (no special photo expeditions, no professional setup, just shots of things I notice as I go about my day-to-day (or while on vacation)).

    The daffodils and intertwining trunks are my faves! 🙂

  4. I was thinking about doing some sort of photo challenge – I disliked the idea of posting a photo every day, but taking one every day and posting them all at the end I could do. And in June I’m going to the tennis twice, so that’s two days sorted already.

    • Would be great to have you join in Nic 🙂 You can either pick a theme or just take a photo every day and see what theme emerges. See you on here in June!

  5. What a lovely way to record a period of life. It is visually interesting to see the photos as a group, although the individual images are strong too, but I bet you also remember where each one of those photos was taken and perhaps have memories of that day attached? I look forward to your next project Nina. X

  6. Me, too! Sounds a great idea. I’ll probably want to pick some sort of theme so I don’t go completely random. Not that there’s anything wrong with random, either…

    • Looking forward to seeing all these photos in June! I found it interesting doing random photos in April, as it highlighted a couple of themes for me – but I’m going to select a specific subject or aim for June, still pondering what I fancy doing.

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