What is happiness?

Yesterday, I was thinking about happiness. As you do. And I wondered what really makes people happy.  I decided to ask people I know.  I asked them this question via SurveyMonkey:

Please tell me 3 things that make you smile and feel content“.

27 people replied (thank you!), with 3 responses each. And this is what they said:


I loved the fact that the things people came up with made me smile when reading them – and that the themes that came out strongly were all about the world around us and about people in our lives.

Is there anything there that surprises you?

Does it make you realise that you already have things in your life that make you happy?

If you’re interested in a few tips on bringing more happiness into your life, you could buy Lorraine Neale’s e-book “The Happiness Challenge: 50 Amazingly Simple Ways to Live a Happier Life”: http://amzn.to/Z4L2Jx. (At the time of writing it costs only £1.90.)

If you like the word cloud above, check out http://www.wordle.net and make your own, for free!

3 thoughts on “What is happiness?

  1. The word cloud is a lovely way to show your findings. I’m surprised by the number of animals in there. I grew up with a cat in the house, but I haven’t owned one myself. Or a dog. Looking at this, perhaps I should! Sorry, I didn’t see your survey in time, but I would have thrown cycling into the mix. It makes me feel free and sporty and happy.

  2. I agree with Richard – the word cloud is a lovely way to show your findings. What surprised me was that Husband is in big letters, while Wife appears in tiny letters! Hopefully that’s because the majority of respondents were women, rather than it being because wives don’t make their husbands smile or feel content!! 😉

    • I think there were more female responders than male, Julia, and almost everyone mentioned a partner in some wording or another. So don’t worry 🙂

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