A delicate balance

After writing about needing peace and quiet, I started thinking about it a bit more. I read a few of the comments from people saying that they needed other people around, even though they liked quiet. And I realised that my thoughts on this do depend on what I’ve been doing that week. If I’ve been surrounded by people constantly then I often crave solitude. If I’ve been working at home by myself or left alone in a boring or quiet office because others are away, then I crave interesting company!

So there is such a thing as balance, even when you have a preference for one thing.

I started thinking about other things that this applies to as well, and realised that there are so many areas of our lives where we try to achieve a balance – successfully or unsuccessfully. For example – eating and exercise habits, splitting time between friends, partner and family, doing outdoor activities versus indoor pursuits, enjoying a mix of different types of tasks at work, planning for the future versus living in the moment – and doing things we enjoy versus things we feel we should be doing.

Wordle - Balance

How do you manage to get the right balance? Do you think about some of these more than others? Are some of them more important to your wellbeing than others? Which one is the balance that tends to slip more than others?

I find that as well as peace and quiet, exercise and healthy eating are the things that fall by the wayside when life gets busy. I don’t actively think about the balance of the other things, but perhaps I should be paying more attention to some of them too.

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