A month of green photos

Please note – the links at the bottom of this blog post may no longer be current.

Having enjoyed the April photo month, I decided to do another month in June, and was thrilled that lots of people decided to join me! I set my own theme as ‘green’, and a few people decided to do the same – others picked their own themes.

I’m very excited that 12 people joined me in the challenge – where I have a link to an album or blog, I’ve posted it at the end of this post, so that you can have a browse through some wonderful images. Here is my original post about the challenge.

My collection of images is shown below. There’s a strong nature theme to the majority of them, many focusing on the smaller details of the plants around us. And my third montage shows photos from the days when I wasn’t near anything natural to photograph, but reminds me of various occasions in June – chats with friends, up early to go for a swim (the car park ones!), seeing my sister’s dog and tasting a very nice Key Lime Pie!

I must say it’s nice to not be seeking green things to photograph now that it’s July, but I did enjoy taking the photos and having an excuse to get out and about to find new green objects and landscape features. One of the best things about this challenge for me was the fact that lots of other people were enthusiastic about it and joined me! So not only did I get to take lots of photos, but I also have other people’s work to admire as well.

What’s next for the photo challenge for me? I will do another one at some point, as I have enjoyed doing my second one. Maybe in September or October to capture a bit of autumn. And of course I will carry on snapping photos when I spot something interesting.

photo 2Green photo montage

photo 3

Links to blogs and photo albums by other participants in the June photo challenge

Some other green sets of photos for your enjoyment! It’s so lovely to see all these different sets on the same theme 🙂




Katherine’s halfway blog post:

And her final blog post:

And some other themes – a lovely selection of different subjects…….

30 days of gratitude from Lotte:

Sky by Sally:

Colour (and some lovely butterflies) by Emma (blog post):

Pinholes from Barry:

30 days of photos by Nic (blog post):

Some barefoot walking by Morwhenna (blog post):

And also a mention for Rhian and her seaside photos, Claire M and her countryside images, Julia and her photos she will gradually be releasing into the world on her website http://www.juliabarnickle.com, Charlotte and her month of nature.

13 thoughts on “A month of green photos

    • I’ve commented on your blog page – but just to say a lovely selection of photos 🙂 I know what you mean about being glad about not taking photos every day, I found myself walking into town at lunchtime looking for green things, and then realising I could actually stop doing that now!!

  1. Great pics Nina and a great challenge! Thank you so much for organising!
    Looking through everyone else’s pics now… so interesting seeing the world through others’ eyes!

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  3. Lovely photos Nina. I love the freshness of the green and I adore that each image reminds you of an occasion… isn’t that one of the very best things about photography… that you can go back to an image you took ages ago and be transported right back there to that very moment and how you felt?
    It has been wonderful to see how everyone else responded to the project too… just look what you have inspired. Nice work! x

  4. Great pics Nina and really nice to hear how other people joined you in the challenge. I’ll keep an eye out for your Autumn challenge. Anything that forces me to look at the world in a different way is exciting.

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