Have you ever wondered what others think of you?

Have you ever wondered what others think of you? Over the last few years I’ve got into the habit of noting down when people have given me useful feedback. And it’s interesting how you do start to see trends emerging.

I read this post recently, talking about asking for feedback – it inspired me to do a similar process with some of my own friends and contacts. I created an anonymous Survey Monkey questionnaire which asked people to indicate three words or phrases that they associate with me.  I sent the link to some trusted friends and former colleagues.

It was fascinating to see the results. Some of the words come as no surprise to me at all, as they are consistent with feedback I have always received from colleagues. And some were nice additions that I will bear in mind in future.

What will I do with this feedback?

I will be using it in my planning for my freelance projects, to ensure that I’m making the most of the skills that I’m known for.

It reminded me that sometimes we’re too close to ourselves to really see what we’re good at, so it helps to get an independent view. (To read more about this subject, visit this blog post.)


To make your own Word cloud, visit Wordle.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered what others think of you?

  1. Usually, people don’t spend as many thoughts about it as we thing (or fear?). Funnily enough, I had to ask my co workers a few years back for ‘360 degrees feedback’ I had to do for a course I was on. They were very honest, sincere and kind. The contents were no surprise to me, but the fact that I asked improved our work relationships!

    • I think it always helps to have an understanding of the people you work closely with, what their working preferences are and how you work best together. Sounds like you had a good experience of asking for feedback too.

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