My BIG list of things I want to do

I was having a conversation last Saturday about lists – big lists that is, exciting lists – not shopping lists.

Paving stone in WaikikiOne of the people I was talking to has a 30 list – things to do before she’s 30. Another has a 40 list. One has decided to do some specific fun things in the year she turns 40.

I don’t have a 40 list. I have already visited 40 countries before reaching the age of 40 – I achieved that in March this year, with UAE (Dubai) being the 40th – so I can’t have that as my goal!

But I have written a BIG list on several occasions – one of those ‘everything I want to do’ lists. I’ve just never published one. Until now…..


Here is my list of things I’d like to do, in no particular order:

  • Visit Antarctica to see the penguins (well come on, you knew that had to be there somewhere!)
  • Walk up Scafell Pike (to finish the official Three Peaks – we did Helvellyn in our mountain challenge)
  • Fly over Ayers Rock/Uluru in a hot air balloon at sunset or sunrise
  • Visit John O’Groats (I’ve been to Lands End, over 10 years ago, so need to see the ‘other end’ of the country)
  • Walk along Hadrian’s Wall
  • Visit every place in Britain that has penguins
  • Live by the sea, even if only for a while
  • Run a half marathon (with my dodgy foot, toes and knee tendons I think a whole marathon would be too much!)
  • Visit New England to see the Fall colours
  • Explore the seaside along the South Coast
  • Stay in a quirky Landmark Trust building
  • Have a day Boris-biking around London
  • Do wine tasting somewhere locally
  • Visit the Isle of Wight again (I last visited when I was at primary school)
  • Find work I really love doing and do it
  • See Swan Lake
  • Have a garden of colourful flowers that I have planted myself (well I now have a garden to plant them in, so I’ve made progress on that one!)
  • Have an article I’ve written published in a magazine or newspaper and be paid for it
  • Have one of my photos published and be paid for it
  • Organise a photo exhibition that includes some of my photos
  • Have singing lessons to see whether I can actually sing!
  • Learn to play one tune on the guitar (the first three notes of a Metallica song doesn’t count!)

I should also point out that the reason there’s nothing on there about feeding penguins or tandem skydiving is because I’ve done both! As well as quite a few other things I ticked off when I travelled in Australia and New Zealand over 10 years ago, like scuba diving and lots of abseiling.

Here are a few examples of other people’s lists and age-related plans:

Lotte’s 40 for 40 list

Carla’s 30 for 30 list

Diane’s Magical Dreams to Action list

The day we were chatting about these lists, this one came to my attention via Twitter while I was travelling home – it’s a bucket list, a list compiled by BBC journalist Helen Fawkes, who has incurable ovarian cancer. And this is her list of the things she’d like to do with the time that she has left of her life.

So what’s on your 30, 40, 50, life list?

Do you share any dreams with the people who created these lists? Have anything unusual on yours? Please comment and let me know!

8 thoughts on “My BIG list of things I want to do

    • Thanks Lotte 🙂 I might have to do my South Coast exploring in stages – but I would love to find lots of hidden beaches and coastal views… Sigh… I love the sea!

    • Thanks Carrie 🙂

      It’s adapted from a couple of lists I wrote in the last few years, so it has been changed as some things felt like they weren’t relevant any more, and new ideas cropped up. I think I’ll review it at the end of the year to see how it’s going!

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