40 countries. Country 1: Denmark

It’s November, and I’m sad that I didn’t sign up to do the 30 Day Challenge this time. I just didn’t feel I had time to devote to being involved in the challenge and the community around it. I have too many other things going on.

But inspired by a few people I know who have been doing a blog post a day recently, I’ve decided to embark on doing a regular blog post on a particular theme. In a recent post I mentioned that I’ve now been to 40 countries. So I’ve decided to write about them all, in the order that I visited them.

First, Denmark. I have visited Denmark several times, the first time when I was about 3 (with my parents, obviously). And most recently with my husband on a long weekend in Copenhagen (and a quick visit to Sweden).

Nyhavn, CopenhagenMy memories of Denmark as a child include Legoland, a trampoline at a campsite and a picture of me at a playground looking like I’d discovered the best playground thing ever. I recall going “gold panning” at Legoland in Billund and getting a “gold medal” for my trouble. Not to mention the huge Mount Rushmore made of Lego bricks, and the “driving school” that I was never allowed to go on because it cost too much.

There was also the excitement of camping, although I’m not sure how enthusiastic I was about this as a child. In flicking through some notes I’d made a few years ago, I noticed I’d commented specifically on a trampoline at a campsite. Campsite playgrounds were very important to me in those days, an unusual swing or climbing frame could be the highlight of my day!

Of course on my visit as an adult a couple of months ago, playgrounds weren’t on the list. Neither were campsites, our preferred accommodation being a hotel. We took one of the hop on, hop off buses around the city and stopped off at a few places. It was a gloriously sunny day and we enjoyed a late lunch at Nyhavn, and a wander round the castle.

Little MermaidAnd then to revisit a place I went as a child – the Little Mermaid. Which is a statue of a small mermaid, from the tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s little and it’s a mermaid, that’s about all I can really say about it. But lots of people visit and it’s quite photogenic with the harbour in the background.

Our final visit during that weekend was Tivoli, the amusement park, where we were fortunate to be on a weekday so avoided crowds of people. A few amusing rollercoasters and a tame train ride or two and we were done, time to head off to the airport.

So that was Denmark, I don’t have many memories of it other than those I’ve mentioned – but it was nice to revisit as an adult.

Country 2 is Sweden, coming soon!

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