What is wrong with November?

Since the clocks went back the other week, I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts. I thought part of it was adjusting to the freelance way of working, and was getting fed up with having no fresh air.

Then I remembered that I wrote a blog post around this time last year that said pretty much the same thing. That I was fed up with not having any fresh air or exercise and was feeling a bit miserable.

So I think it’s November’s fault, the change in seasons from a bright autumn to dark and cold evenings. But the good thing with seasons is that they are cyclical, they do come and go, again and again. I’ll get used to it soon, and adapt, and find time to get out and have fresh air.

And in the meantime, it’s good to have a timely reminder to do those things I love and need. Which are:

Have fresh air and/or visit new places.
Do exercise. Regularly.
Write stuff. Anything. Anywhere. Just write.

How are you finding November?
Do you love the nights drawing in, or do you get frustrated with less daylight and time to get outside?


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