Inspiration for 2014 – 52 Creative Prompts

I’d like to spend time doing more creating in 2014, whether by writing or by taking photos. But sometimes I need a bit of inspiration, and some people to share my creations with.

So to help me with this, I have created a Facebook page called 52 Creative Prompts.

Each week I will post a creative prompt there – probably a word, occasionally a few words. And then whoever has created something in response to that prompt can post a link to their creation – a link to their Flickr site, to a blog, to an Etsy store, to Instagram – wherever the creation has ended up. They can choose where to link to.

Having the information on a Facebook page means that it can easily be shared, so participants can share their own work and other people’s work with friends. And it can also be commented on, so that they can get feedback.

Creators don’t have to take part every week, and they don’t have to post if something hasn’t worked. They can do a drawing one week, a poem the next week, whatever the prompt inspires them to do.

I’ve done photo challenges with a group before and really enjoyed being inspired by others and their work, as well as being able to share what I’d done.

So I hope that this Facebook page will inspire me and others to have a creative year in 2014. Will you join me?

52 Creative Prompts can be found here:

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