Is winter a time for hibernating?

I think it was back in November that I was moaning about winter. And I’ve been feeling fed up with January and February too, as they’ve been cold, wet and just miserable and grey. The weather’s so unpredictable it’s hard to plan nice things to do for the weekend, and you can guarantee that the one sunny day for weeks will be the day I have something on that involves being inside during daylight hours.

But I heard an interesting perspective on winter and the seasons in a talk I heard last month. It was a talk by a Feng Shui practitioner, Trish Weller, who was talking to a networking group that we both belong to, on the subject of her holistic hobby – gardening.

Purple crocus shootsShe described how the garden needs different types of attention at different times of the year – sometimes it’s in a phase of growth, sometimes there is a lot to harvest, and in winter there is very little that needs doing apart from preparation for the coming year.

I thought this was an interesting perspective, and relates so well to phases of business activity. While I’m impatient to get on with new projects, I also realise there needs to be time for thinking, for planning (which I love – more on that another time), and for preparing – before there can be growth.

I’ve noticed though that the green shoots – and even a hint of colour – are starting to emerge in my garden. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come in business as well, as the ideas in my head start to emerge as new business ideas and services.

Have you been hibernating this winter? What have you learned from it?

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