Why we need to do things we love

I’ve noticed the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit fed up. Some of that is because it’s been dark and rainy January and February. But the other thing is that I haven’t been doing the things I know I love to do.

As part of my 30 Day Challenge and the programme that followed that, I was constantly keeping an eye on which things were working for me, and which things weren’t. And I gradually learned that there were four things I need to do/have every week:

  • Fresh air
  • Exercise
  • Write
  • Take photos

I realised that if one of these things was missing from my week, I felt out of sorts. They are a combination of inspiration and creativity for me, and whatever else I’m doing, I need to have them.

Spring sunsetIn recent weeks I have been busy, doing freelance work for clients, networking to meet possible new clients, as well as trying to create a new business concept and website. And that on top of doing all the other things I had already committed to. And somehow the fresh air had slipped. I was still doing the exercise, as I could do that at the gym. And I write something every morning, for 5 minutes, so that has carried on. But the fresh air had gone missing. And as that’s often my opportunity to take photos, that had disappeared a bit too.

Now I’ve identified that it’s missing, I have been making an effort to put it back. The photo on the left was taken yesterday on a walk at about 5pm, just as the sun was starting to set. Half an hour’s fresh air was great for clearing my head, and also appreciating the world outside.

What things do you love and need to do? Do you always remember to do them?

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