Creating before consuming

I watched a video from the wise and funny Marie Forleo the other day. I quite often watch videos and make notes and then forget about them, but the content of this one has stuck with me.

The message that I took away from it was “create before you consume”.

As I work best in the morning, this is particularly important for me. If I get up and spend an hour browsing Facebook, Twitter, the news and Feedly, before I know it my most productive time of day has passed me by.

If however I get stuck into creating something first thing eg writing, thinking about something, or planning a new project, it’s amazing how much I get done – and how that has a positive impact on the rest of my day.

This morning for example, I’m currently writing my second blog post before most people have even got to the office and put the kettle on.

It’s so easy to get sucked into reading interesting things and seeing what everyone else is doing (whether real people you know, or people in the news or on Twitter). But for me, I then find myself struggling to work on something fun at a time of day that’s not productive for me.

So if you also find that you waste time, and you know it’s because you spend time reading, surfing those google spirals (thanks Lotte for the invention of that word!) or watching videos – then here’s one last video you should watch before you change your habits:

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