If I go for a whole week without social media – what will happen?

I feel like my brain is exploding with information at the moment.

Business plans, creative ideas, work to do, news from friends, news from businesses, pictures of cats, emails selling me things, emails making me feel guilty, things I should be going to, tasks I need to do, reminders and receipts, things I’ve emailed myself to read, the information is endless….

Also, I don’t seem to have really done anything creative recently. I was trying to write something small every day, which I did for 3 months until my brain ran out of creativity last week. I didn’t manage to finish a photography course that I started in January with the best of intentions and enthusiasm. And I love writing and photography, so that makes me sad that I haven’t been doing them.

Peaceful sea

So I have decided to give my brain a week off.

No checking Facebook and Twitter. For a week. So I can see what happens, how much extra time in the day that gives me, what I end up doing with my time instead.

I wonder whether the world will fall apart? I suspect not. If people need me, most of them have my email address or phone number. So they could – gasp – text, email or phone me!

Update: click here to read about what I learned!

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