Thames Path training – walk 2

As it was a bank holiday weekend, we didn’t have a group training walk planned in the diary.

Rhossili BayFortunately we happened to be in South Wales for the weekend, conveniently located for a bit of walking, so we did a couple of walks without the rest of the Full Farmyard team.

We visited Rhossili Bay, on the Gower Peninsula outside Swansea. It has just been voted Britain’s best beach by TripAdvisor for the second year in a row, and is in the top 10 in the world. I can see why – a long sweeping sandy beach, endless waves, with a backdrop of hills and greenery. And an unusual rock feature called Worm’s Head.


The walk along by Rhossili Bay was straightforward, and Worm's Headwe wandered down onto the beach.

The walk to Worm’s Head was a bit trickier. We had to make our way down a hill and then clamber across all the uneven rock you can see in the photo on the right. And when we got to the other side, to get the best views we had to climb all the way to the top!

It would have been great training when we were doing The Three Peaks a few years ago – but probably a bit excessive for The Thames Path!

We’ll be out in Berkshire at the weekend for our next training walk, somewhere a bit flatter and with no possibility of getting stuck when the tide comes in!


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