Another 30 day challenge

If you’ve read the ‘about me’ section of this blog, you’ll have seen me refer to the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge as being the catalyst that started this blog and the many projects that have followed.

There have been a couple of 30DCs since then, but I haven’t taken part as I’ve been too busy. But I’m pleased that I have been able to sign up for the June 2014 one, which will be starting (yes, you’ve guessed it) on the 1st June….

I’ve chosen to make this a project of exploration. I’ve explored lots of countries and lots of parts of Britain, but have decided that I’d like to explore my local area a bit more as well. I’ve lived in Maidenhead for 2 years now, and in the area for over 30 years *cough*, so I have what an old boss of mine used to call ‘IKEA syndrome’ (I know everything about…). But I’m sure there must be some places I’ve not been and things I’ve not done.

So I’m going to write myself a list of ideas of ways I can explore my local area during Ideas listthe next 30 days. And then each week I’m going to pick 7 of these ideas. Even though I’m self-employed and can manage my own time, I know there will be days when I can’t do much due to client meetings or other commitments – so I will be splitting my ideas into 3 types with different time commitments.

I’ll post images on Instagram and Twitter, and will write a summary each week.

And that’s the plan…

As I know, the 30 Day Challenge can often go in unexpected directions, so I will see where it takes me this time….



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