30 Day Challenge – week 1

So in my previous post I explained that I was going to be doing the 30 Day Challenge again, and that started on Sunday 1st June. Here are a few highlights of the first week.

My first “exploring” thing was to sit in a local park that I’d not been to before. It’s a town centre park, Kidwells Park, right next to a road, but is actually quite pretty once you forget the traffic noise. While there I was inspired to write a few words about the sights and sounds in the park.

Kidwells Park Maidenhead Daisies

On the same day I also went to a Vision Board workshop, which was a fascinating process with an intriguing outcome.

On Monday, I set out exploring in my local area, as I was working that day and had too much to do to go farther afield. I walked to a local shop I’ve not been to, bought a different magazine, and walked back. Verdict? It confirmed why I walk in the other direction to buy newspapers etc, as this route wasn’t especially pretty. But I did pick up some ideas and inspiration while out.

I fitted in a few other walks locally during the week – one through the footpaths of my local housing estate where I discovered a new shortcut, and another longer one where I saw beautiful red poppies in unexpected places, a man with some lively greyhounds, a few rabbits hopping around, and even a couple of deer which popped up in a field covered with yellow flowers.Deer in a field

I had a chat online in the 30DC forum with coach Judith Morgan as I’d been feeling a bit uninspired by the first few days of my project. I felt it was too wide and I couldn’t see an outcome from my original idea. So I decided to focus on the bits I enjoy, which is exploring new places and revisiting old ones, with an open mind and eye, looking out for unexpected nature or beauty to capture.

It was an interesting week, where I was conscious that I didn’t have as much time to get outside as I’d hoped, which led me to worry that I wasn’t going to be able to do the project as I’d planned it. But with a bit of tweaking, it’s taking shape.

PS If you saw any of my tweets during that week, you’ll have seen me mention the film St Elmo’s Fire, and seen images of peonies. These were both examples of me taking inspiration from things I saw around me while out exploring.

PeonyPoppies against a wall

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