30 Day Challenge – week 2

I haven’t done as much this week on the 30 Day Challenge, as I was away for work in Barcelona for 2 days, arriving back very tired on the Wednesday morning.

Sagrada Familia from Parc Guell, BarcelonaI managed to fit in an hour of exploring one day while there, and found a lovely view of the Sagrada Familia from Parc Guell. I also came across a small gift shop which was called Claudine, and sold crafts and clothes. I know someone who runs Vintage and Antique fairs in Berkshire and Oxfordshire who is called Claudine, so I took that as a sign that I should buy a couple of postcards from the shop!

While I was away, I also had a small amount of time to plan out the next steps of my project, which was useful and made me feel like I’d made progress.Coffee shop at Quintessential Meats Bracknell

On Friday I ran out of tea bags, which was the perfect excuse to go out for a mid afternoon cup of tea. I’d spotted an intriguing sign a week or so before, in country roads locally, which said ‘coffee shop with nice view‘. In the spirit of exploring, I stored that one away in my mind, and vowed to visit during my 30 Day Challenge. Which I did, and was rewarded with views over the fields and Thames Valley, and chickens in the corner of the field!

Art on the Street MaidenheadAnd I managed to fit in a bit of exploring on Saturday too, visiting a park I’d not been to before. And having a lovely wander around Art on the Street, a brilliant initiative which started in Maidenhead a few years ago and is now a regular fixture in our town’s calendar. I bumped into a few people I knew who had stalls, had some lovely conversations, and admired artwork including paintings, photography and mixed media art.

The focus for this week on my 30 Day Challenge will be starting to write the e-book that I plan to create by the end of June. I have two ideas on which direction to take it in, and have a plan for what I’d like to include.

I will see what happens when I start writing as to what the end result will be…..Oaken Grove Park Maidenhead

PS To read previous posts on what I’m doing for the 30 Day Challenge, read this (part 1) or this (part 2).



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