30 Day Challenge – week 3

So this week I started writing up my e-book, just 20 minutes a day. At the moment I plan it to be a guide to the ‘hidden gems’ of Maidenhead, but I’m going to finish writing it before I decide exactly what form it will take.

By starting the writing I’ve identified some places I’ve not yet visited that I would like to, and found a few new ideas of places I’d not come across before. Now to find some time to visit them all…..

Colourful grassesBraywickI took a drive to Braywick Nature Reserve to see what was there, as I’d never visited before. And I discovered a whole new area to explore! Colourful foxgloves and woodland pathways leading into green open space with mysterious waterside paths. I just had a quick look round to see what was there and get some ideas on what to go back and explore.

I also fitted in a brief trip to Cliveden, which I like to call my ‘second back garden’ these days. As a National Trust member I can go there without paying extra, so even if I just have a spare half hour or so, it’s a nice place to pop for a cup of tea.

Flowers at ClivedenThere are so many different areas to explore, even within a few minutes walk of the car park for a quick visit, that it’s an ideal place for a bit of fresh air.

And on Friday I decided to get out of my office and be ‘free range’ for the afternoon. I sat in Regents Park, did a bit of business planning and some project managing for a client, had an encounter with a squirrel that stared at me, and then went to London Zoo to see the penguins.

So another good week on the 30 Day Challenge. I haven’t been interacting with the other participants as much as I did last time, because I just haven’t had time. But I have been making good progress on my project, and I do intend to go to a 30 Day Challenge meetup this week, so looking forward to meeting everyone!


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