Gratitude and inspiration – socks and spiders

Ever since I did the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge in 2012, I’ve done a “weekly checkin”. For a year this was posted in the private forum for the 30DC follow up programme. And then when I decided to leave the group, I kept the weekly checkin process as part of my week and did it by myself because it was so useful.

The process simply involves me thinking back over my week, working out what went well and what didn’t, what I learned, and what I can do differently next week. And listing a few goals for the week ahead.

This week I have been inspired to add in something new to this process. Something a little scary because it’s public, whereas the rest of the process is private. I have decided to write a weekly post on gratitude and inspiration. So here goes…


The sea at WeymouthI keep seeing people post on social media about gratitude – about 5 things they’re grateful for each day. And a lot of people in my self-employed circles talk about it frequently. But although I noticed that they seem to enjoy declaring the things they’re grateful for, I couldn’t quite see the value to me. Nor did I want to add anything extra to my already crowded daily routine.

Then I read Brene Brown’s amazing book The Gifts of Imperfection. There is so much to this book, far too much to list here. But every chapter resonated with me. Every chapter reminded me of something I’d learnt in the last couple of years, tying it together and adding a new layer of understanding. Or showed me a new angle on something I am currently trying to learn.

In her book, Brene talks about gratitude and how it relates to joy. She talks about how having an awareness of all the things we have and that have gone well – including ordinary every day things – reminds us of just what we do have. And she talks about being grateful as being something that needs to be practiced to see the benefits.

So that is what this new series of weekly posts is about. I know that some weeks there will big things I’m grateful for, and some weeks there will only be small ones. But surely that’s the point. That although big things happen, often it’s the little things that make us smile, that make us grateful for who we are and what we have.


This week I’m grateful for/to:

Walking feet

1. The amazing 1000 Mile Socks. I came across these a few years when doing a Three Peaks walking challenge, and have been wearing them throughout my training for the Full Farmyard fundraising walk. They claim to allow you to walk miles and miles with no blisters. I didn’t believe them. But having worn them, I have no idea why any other socks need to exist. I have had no blisters while using these socks. Ever. Two big walking challenges and all the training. No blisters. Seriously, these socks are incredible.

2. My husband for moving a giant spider out of the hall earlier this week. I’m not scared of spiders, but this was a monster, and it was sat there staring at me as I walked out of the kitchen one evening. I didn’t fancy the thought of it wandering across my feet while I was watching TV, and I knew it would be much happier outside with all the other giant spiders!

3. Freelance work that gets me out of the house. Although I love working by myself at home, as I can get a lot done and work to my own routines, I do still need to talk to people. And that’s where my ongoing freelance project comes in, as I get to spend a few hours in an office collaborating with other people. Plus this week we had a pub lunch πŸ™‚

4. Other people’s business insights. Having a catch up call with my business coach, and lunch with a self-employed friend – both of whom inspired me on new avenues and angles for my Ideas Interpreter business.

5. Little details. I’ve used Instagram for a while, but I’ve just started posting #littledetails – things that I see that make me smile (and are also photogenic!) You can view my Instagram feed here (I also post it on Twitter and Facebook).

6. Online connections. This blog post came about because I clicked on a tweet by Eli Trier, read her blog article about the Brene Brown book, and was inspired to read the book. So thanks Eli πŸ™‚

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