Gratitude and inspiration – wildflowers and The West Wing

Last week I wrote about gratitude and inspiration, and committed to writing something weekly on this subject.

Just a short post this week……


WIld flowers

  • The wildflowers I accidentally discovered while taking a shortcut I’d not taken in a while
  • Being thanked and appreciated for work done
  • Re-watching The West Wing via Sky Anytime – some brilliant dramatic moments
  • Mild weather last week meant I managed a few short walks
  • Seeing the sun starting to set over the fields on a balmy evening
  • The immediacy of social media – being able to have a Twitter chat with a couple of people who had been following my Twitter course
  • A nice fruity glass of refreshing white wine
  • Catching up with a good friend over dinner


This week I want to mention Marianne Cantwell for the inspiration she provides. She is the author of the book Be a Free Range Human, and she encourages people to use their talents to do what they love – around a lifestyle they choose.

Through attending her online free range festival last year, I came across an amazing group of people. We now meet regularly in person as well as chatting on social media and on Skype, and on Friday last week I spent a day with some of them in an informal business workshop. We all had time to think about how we’re doing in our own businesses and ask advice of others with different perspectives, as well as each be reassured that we’re not strange or mad for wanting to work on our own terms and do things we enjoy!

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