Gratitude and inspiration – penguins and tea


It’s probably cheating to include something I did as being inspiring – but I think it shows what you can do when you set a goal, team up with others, and have the right people around you to help when needed.

Last Saturday I did a 32 mile walk for charity as part of a team of 6. Starting in Runnymede and ending in Henley. By the end it really hurt – feet, legs and just about every other muscle!

Finishing that walk took serious determination from our whole team, with the much needed help of our amazing support crew, who popped up with Red Bull and clean socks at various intervals. The 6 of us finished in 11 hours 20 minutes, and raised over £4000 for the charity Send a Cow.


Things I’m grateful for this week:

  • Blister from our 32 mile walk healed fast
  • Penguins always make me smile – this week on TV “Penguins on a plane” – transporting gentoo penguins from New Zealand to their new home in Birmingham!
  • A last minute invite to a black tie ball, which was a nice sociable evening
  • My online “free range” friends for keeping me sane when I was annoyed about something
  • Autumn leaves and sitting under trees
  • Tea. I am always grateful for tea. The taste, the ritual, the comfort, the warmth, an excuse to step away from the computer and relax.
  • Chat on the phone with my parents


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