Gratitude and inspiration – country and coast

Inspiration this week – Roger Hamilton and Wealth Dynamics (also known as Talent Dynamics).

A conversation with a free range friend a few days ago reminded me of the “8 questions to ask yourself at the start of each day” that Roger Hamilton talks about here. And an email from a freelance colleague on a similar subject prompted me to revisit them. I plan to adapt them for my own use.

Then later in the week I was puzzling over the interactions between people within a project team. Thinking about it in Wealth Dynamics terms helped me understand the problem more clearly.

Gratitude this week

Writing these posts for just a few weeks is making me realise how much I do each week, how many experiences I have (exciting or mundane), and how many wonderful people I interact with each week (in person or online).

  • A face to face catch up with some free range friends
  • A gym that opens at 6am so I can do exercise to start my day
  • Discovering there will be cake in the office that I’m visiting for the day
  • A parking space in a usually crowded car park
  • The latest Coast magazine arriving through my letterbox so I can look at images of the sea
  • Offers of future help for when I need them
  • Autumn means lots of TV shows returning with new series
  • People directing me to penguin-related programmes and websites
  • Compliments on my photos
  • Living on the outskirts of a town, but having country lanes nearby with views like this:


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