Gratitude and inspiration – amaretto and autumn

A very busy intense week, working Sunday afternoon to Wednesday, 12+ hour days, and then tying up loose ends after the meeting.


I’ve been immersed in work this week with no time to read or interact online, so my inspiration has been limited to those around me. I realise that I’ve learned a lot over the last few months about my ideal place in a team, my talents and my limitations – by working with someone who has the opposite skills to me and provides me with the right balance of challenge, encouragement and support.


  • The customer services lady at BA who found me a seat on the next plane when I missed my flight
  • Amaretto and conversation
  • Teamwork
  • Helpful friendly people
  • Exercise at the gym which refreshed my mind
  • An unexpected ear
  • The first cup of tea on returning home after 3 days away
  • Sleep!
  • Appointment availability at the last minute
  • Autumn sunshine
  • A giant pack of malt loaf
  • A cheque received in the post
  • A message of support


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