Gratitude – art and penguins

Another week where I’m not feeling especially cheerful at the time of writing, so decided to write my gratitude post to see if I can change that, to remind myself of the good things that happened this week.

Things I’m grateful for this week (big and small):

  • Meeting like-minded self-employed people and having a nice lunch
  • Opportunities lined up for 2015
  • Time to catch up on accounts and admin
  • Visited some king penguins and their grey fluffy penguin chick
  • Weekend plans to catch up with friends
  • Free replacement printhead for malfunctioning printer
  • Weather stopped raining long enough for me to go for a walk
  • Had a new idea with an interesting twist on an existing one
  • Once again learned that I’m not alone in having one particular issue
  • Had time to write some content that will be useful to people when I share it
  • Saw some art which included pictures of the sea and Swiss lakes
  • Social plans made for next week

king penguins at Birdland

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