Gratitude – woodpeckers and fresh air

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about gratitude. I got into a good weekly habit for a while, and it was nice to remember all the good things from the week gone by.

Why did I stop? I’m not sure really. I wasn’t feeling especially cheerful, that was one reason. Which should have spurred me on to continue to find small things to be grateful for. But when a week goes past without a post, it’s easy to let another go by, and another.

And then I had some (planned) surgery, so that put my blogging on hold for a while. Now I’m back, but reinventing things for 2015. I don’t plan to publish gratitude posts every week. just occasionally as the mood inspires.

Gratitude for the end of 2014:

  • For general good health – not to be taken for granted
  • For lovely people – support of friends and family
  • For nurses – I wouldn’t want to do what they do, they are amazing
  • For modern technology – access to the outside world at all times
  • For fresh air – restorative and revitalising
  • For ITV3 – an endless stream of easy to watch dramas
  • For small details – sunrises, green woodpeckers, bouncy squirrels

The sea

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