Why do people blog?

Come Blog With Me, day 2

So as I’m embarking on this challenge, I got to thinking about blogging. What’s it all about? Why do we do it? What’s its purpose?

Why do people blog?

I think there are lots of reasons that people blog, and some of that depends on what type of blog they have – a personal blog, a business blog as a sole trader, or a business blog on behalf of an organisation.

At a personal level, people might use a blog like a diary to talk about things they’ve done, to document challenges or progress towards goals, to share their thoughts with the world, to find their own voice and their passions in life.

For business, companies blog to get information out, to show expertise in an area, to sell their products or services.

And I think that someone in business by themselves, running a business or providing services or products based on their own passions, will be doing a combination of the two. They are finding their voice and exploring their passions, while sharing their expertise and promoting what they can offer to potential clients.

What have I blogged about?

The first blog I created and wrote was for a three peaks mountain challenge in 2010. Since then I’ve blogged for a local publication’s website, written about penguins, created an online magazine, pondered on career change, and blogged about marketing and project planning for solo businesses. I’ve also written guest posts on other people’s blogs and websites.

This blog started life in 2012 as a home for creative pieces and has moved towards documenting places I’ve been and photography or writing challenges I’ve done. I’m not sure where it’s going, but that’s part of my reason for doing Lotte’s blog challenge – to renew my enthusiasm for blogging and see if a new theme emerges for me.

But why do I do it?

Because I like sharing my thoughts in writing, and it’s my favourite method of communication. I write in a logical and structured way, and have been told I write very clearly. You’re unlikely to find a video of me speaking my thoughts to the world, or an audio recording. But writing, that suits my pondering introvert nature.

I like the satisfaction of completing a blog post and seeing something I’ve written being published. I always gravitated towards website projects in my past marketing career, and it’s the immediacy of publication that appeals.

I like the collection I’ve built up of my thoughts and of places visited. And I like displaying the blog posts with photos. Photos are an important part of this for me. Which I think is why I sometimes find blogging for business harder, because it’s not so easy to pop in a photo of a penguin or a seaside!

I enjoy having the chance for my voice to be heard – if I’m brave enough to share the posts I write. To be able to express myself in more than 140 characters, and to allow the reader to choose whether to read more if they find the subject interesting. I have been surprised when sharing posts on Facebook sometimes, pleased that people found what I wrote interesting and that it prompted comments.

I like to look back on my progress and see where I’ve come from, how my views or current reality has changed. Or to track how I’m doing versus a goal I’ve set myself. I’m quite a goal oriented person, so if I set my mind to something like the mountain challenge or the Thames Path Challenge (2014) then I find a blog useful as a way of monitoring my progress.

I’d like to write and publish a book. A proper one, with pages. I don’t know what about – some kind of non-fiction probably. I did publish a couple of short fiction ebooks a couple of years ago, but that’s not really my area of enthusiasm anymore. So blogging is also about practising writing.

The last time I did a lot of regular blogging, I ended up doing a freelance writing course to see whether that was something I wanted to do. After doing the course, I decided I didn’t have a natural affinity for writing. I decided that writing was more a way of expressing my thoughts, part of my thought process. And I think it still is, but I’ve also realised that my ability to write differs depending on what time of day it is. I write much better in the mornings. And while I might not be a copywriter, or an amazing creative writer, I am very good at putting facts on paper in a logical order.

And my final reason for blogging, especially on this challenge, is to find out what subjects I enjoy writing about, to explore areas in which I could do other projects besides writing. I find my enthusiasm varies widely depending on the topic, so I’m keeping an eye on the types of posts I like creating.

Oh look, it’s a picture of the sea……


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