Friday reflection

Come Blog With Me Day 5 (you can find day 4 here)

So it’s Friday, day 5 of Come Blog With Me, and my fifth blog post. It’s been an interesting week so far, seeing all the other people taking part and reading their blogs, noticing the differences in people’s blogging habits, and finding a few thoughts in my brain I’d forgotten were there.

The thought of writing something every day is daunting. Finding the time to sit down and type, make it look presentable in WordPress, and finding a photo to go with the text. But actually it’s not been too onerous for me so far.

Since becoming “properly” self-employed (ie working from home, managing my own time and not working in someone else’s office to their office hours), I’ve learned a lot about the best way to manage my days. I’ve realised that if I want to write something, the best time to do it is before lunchtime. And the earlier the better.

So I’m writing this at 7.30am before I get started on some freelance work I need to do this morning. I enjoy writing when it’s easy. And at this time of the morning it does come easily to me. I’ll edit it later and then post it, but knowing that most of the creative work has been done.

I’ve also found that one blog post leads to another – just a few days into CBWM and I’ve been having inspiration left, right and centre. Frantically typing ideas into Evernote so they don’t run away from me.

It has also helped that I’m having a quiet time at the moment, so can fit in the time to write. I had an operation in December and am still recuperating. Which means that I’ve put a few things on hold, am concentrating on looking after myself and resting, working on one small freelance project, and gathering inspiration and ideas for when I have enough energy to get stuck into implementing them.

Funny, I remember when I did the 30 Day Challenge in 2012 and wrote every day, I noticed that often I’d start writing and it wouldn’t end up how I’d thought it would. Or I started not thinking I had anything to say. I’d just write and see what came out. Seems that’s still true for me now. I had no idea what I was going to write about when I started this morning. But here it is….

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