Embracing the space between no longer and not yet

Come Blog With Me – Day 6

The title of this blog post is taken from a quote I saw a little while ago. One that actually sums up what’s going on with me at the moment.

An unexpected ending of a project, followed by an operation (expected) and an extended rest period, has left me with a space. A space between what I was doing in 2014 and what I will be doing in 2015.

To be honest, I’d like to have back the project I was doing in 2014. I liked the people, I liked the flexibility, and I liked the mix of tasks I was doing. I’m sad that it’s not there any more. But I can’t have that project back, it’s finished. And I don’t yet know how 2015 is going to pan out. There are a few possibilities, some glimmers of interest to me, and I’m working on a couple of small things at the moment. But there’s still a vacancy for something else.

Tea leaves

The benefit of having an enforced rest is that it has made me put some things on hold. Which has made me think about whether I want to resume them in 2015, or whether it’s time to move on. It has shown me just how many things I’ve become involved in or agreed to help with. It’s made me think about what I miss doing and who I miss seeing. And put the rest into perspective.

In concentrating on recovering physically and mentally from surgery, I’m looking after myself and I’m reassessing what’s important to me. And realising that I don’t have to apologise to anyone for deciding to quit things if that’s what I want to do.

I’m having a nice time exploring new ideas, writing down things that occur to me, taking note of things that appeal, rekindling my interest in things I’d abandoned or forgotten. And not having to do anything with them at the moment. I’m giving myself another few weeks to let all the ideas sink in, to mull them over, and then maybe choose something to try when I feel like I have the energy and enthusiasm for it.

But in the meantime, I’m enjoying that space in between – earning some money, taking care of myself, doing a bit of blogging and exploring, and appreciating the small things in life.

PS The slightly random photo? That was from a series of photos I took of the inside of tea bags last year while doing a photography course……


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