Am I being nice enough to myself?

Come Blog With Me Day 7

Today I have no idea what to write. I’ve written blogs for 6 days in a row. And now on the seventh day, I’ve run out of inspiration. Maybe. I did start a list of ideas. But all of those were for when I’m in the “right mood” to write about them. And Sunday morning doesn’t feel like that time.

I can’t cheat by reflecting on my week, as I did that a bit on Friday! And I’m not going to edit a part-drafted thing either. So I’m forcing myself to keep writing until something interesting transpires. I’m so cruel to myself.

Actually, I am often mean to myself. I expect far more from myself than I do from others. I wouldn’t ever judge a friend and their actions the way I judge my own. I am my own worst critic. Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to see our own faults and learn how to correct them. But not if those thoughts limit what you choose to do.

I’m on week three of a fantastic course from Selina Barker, called Project You. Each week we get a set of worksheets and material to read or watch, and a weekly video chat to ask her questions about things we’re stuck on. It’s about life design, putting ourselves first and designing a life that’s filled with the things we love – and also being nice to ourselves!

Week one was about wellbeing, and I think I’ve got the physical stuff under control – making time for exercise, drinking lots of water, eating healthily and so on. But the psychological stuff? That seems harder. Lots of people talk about meditation or mindfulness and emptying your mind of thoughts both past and future. I’ve tried a few meditations, but so far I’m not convinced.

Meditation feels a little like something I “should” be doing, and I’m not sure whether to persevere with it or to try something else to manage my thoughts on a daily basis. Besides which, I’m very attached to thinking. I like my thoughts. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t always pondering some scenario or problem.

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