Even introverts need to talk to people

Come Blog With Me – Day 8

I’m an introvert. You may have seen me mention that before, or this may be the first time you have read it. So what does that mean? Generally it just means I need plenty of time to myself – I don’t like being around people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means I’m quite happy in my own company and actively seek it out.

But I’m not a shy person, and I love meeting new people and chatting to those I already know. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to get the right balance of people time v quiet time. When I used to work in an office all day surrounded by busy and chatty people, I’d enjoy a quiet wander at lunchtime, and hope to grab an hour when I got home to just think through my day. But now I work at home by myself, I have the opposite problem! Depending on what I’m working on and who I’m working with, I might not have cause to pick up the phone or talk to anyone all day.

And I’m especially noticing that at the moment, as I’m stuck at home unable to drive. Usually I’d have a coffee arranged with someone at some point in the week, or a meeting to go to, or a networking event – and that’s where I’d get to have a conversation. But right now I’m getting my conversation on social media (Facebook groups and chats with Twitter friends) or on e-mail – which just isn’t quite the same.

I suppose it’s like anything in life – it needs balance. But as I know how much I hate being surrounded by people and unable to escape to peace and quiet, I shall try to relish this silence and opportunity to concentrate on my work. And then when I’m out and about again in a couple of weeks, I can work on getting that balance just how I want it.

10 years ago I was nursing a broken foot, an accidental fall in a backpackers hostel in Western Australia. This is the beach that was at the other end of the small town, which I was unable to walk to once I had a broken foot…..!

Coral Bay, WA


2 thoughts on “Even introverts need to talk to people

  1. Hey Nina, I feel your pain! I’m very much an extrovert, but I’m one of those funny ones (ENFP) who does need their time out. Social media is basically my social lifeline on working days – I don’t feel as if I can spare the time to actually leave the house! However life is a social whirl on Maya days, so there’s a balance. Hope you can get driving again soon! xx

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