What are you waiting for?

Come Blog With Me – Day 10!

Today I was struck by how often we put bits of our lives on hold until some circumstance has changed.

Waiting until we’re half a stone lighter to buy some new clothes. Waiting until we’ve moved house to join a gym. Waiting until we’ve got this or that out of the way before focusing on signing up for a class we want to do or booking that weekend away. Waiting until after a holiday to look for a new job. Waiting until we feel happier about our life situation before we call someone to catch up.

But the truth is, if we wait for everything to be perfect, we’ll never start anything new, we’ll never start pursuing a dream or a curiosity, we’ll never make that phone call and connect with someone.

I’ve been putting some things off, thinking “I’ll wait until……. Then I’ll…..” And time has passed since I first thought that to myself. Time that I can’t get back. Quite a bit of time in fact. Time in which I could have done all sorts of exciting things, but haven’t.

Things are what they are, there’s nothing I can do about that – so I can choose to wait until some mythical moment and then choose to live. Or I can decide to make the most of the things I can do right now, call the people I want to speak to, make some exciting plans.

No more sitting around waiting until…..


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