Why have I been hiding my blog away?

Come Blog With Me – Day 13!

I think I mentioned earlier in Come Blog With Me that for me, writing is my thought process. As I write, I think things through, and come to conclusions. If I have to make any decisions, or if I’m generally feeling annoyed or upset about something, writing about it helps. Obviously that doesn’t always make it onto a blog post – the inner workings of my mind are not all for sharing! Especially if they involve being disgruntled with people I know or work with, or specific situations.

A couple of posts I’ve written on this blogging challenge have really made me think. There was the one where I talked about not waiting until the “right time”. A day after writing that, I picked up the phone to someone I’d been wanting to call and catch up with for a while, but as I’ve not been feeling quite myself I hadn’t felt like it. And I was glad I made that phone call.

And there was the one about creativity and how it’s in all of us somehow – and that along with our talents and skills, it’s part of us. That one has made me realise that I feel ashamed of blogging, I feel embarrassed about it for some reason. I mingle online with lots of people who blog, and we think nothing of sharing our latest blog posts and commenting on them. But I often feel embarrassed sharing them with people I know in “real life”, in case they think I’m silly.

But you know what, by doing that and keeping my blogs to myself, I’m hiding part of me away. The creative part of me. The part where I think through all sorts of things and share experiences or knowledge. And where I display photos I’ve taken that either mean something to me or illustrate a point.

And I have to stop doing that. I have to be brave and share my blog posts more. There’s nothing wrong with blogging, I shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. If people don’t want to read them, they always have that option. And if they think I’m silly or weird, well who cares? I enjoy writing, I get great satisfaction from being able to write about stuff that’s a lot more fun and accessible than some of the things I create in my working life.

Sometimes people read my blog posts and they learn something about themselves or the world, or tell me they relate to what I’ve written. And that’s an incredible feeling. Realising that in some small way I’ve connected with someone.

We are all unique, we all have skills and talents and passions to share with the world. As well as being an organised planning and list-making type person, I also love writing and taking photos. I have an interest in the world around me, both the natural world and the one that’s inside people’s heads as they go about their work and play.

So here it is – my blog – filled with my thoughts. It’s my unique contribution to the world, and I’m proud of that. And now I’m going to follow the lead of the brave and crazy people I know who do express themselves freely in writing or in their conversations, and I’m going to share this blog more widely and without apology.

3 thoughts on “Why have I been hiding my blog away?

  1. Yes Nina! Nothing to be ashamed of. Share away. I started putting links to my blog posts on my personal FB page and it felt horrible when it was virtually ignored (whilst a photo of a cake got 84 likes or something), but a couple of people did acknowledge it and have kept doing so, and now they know the real me better and I know the real them better and it’s lovely. So yeah, do it! x

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