Why thinking is not always the answer

Come Blog With Me – Day 14 – halfway!

I’ve half written two blog posts this week that probably won’t see the light of day. They have one thing in common. They’re both me trying to justify a decision I’ve made.

I’ve got an idea in my head of something I want to do. And there are probably as many reasons against it as there are for it. But it’s something I want to explore. Something I feel I need to explore.

So I keep drafting blog posts on the subject, with “evidence” to support my decision. When actually this decision is based on nothing more than a feeling that it’s something I need to do. A connection, a combination of factors and feelings on the subject. A possibility I need to explore, to either embrace wholeheartedly or exclude and move away from purposefully.

Battenburg cake

If I were to write down all the reasons I shouldn’t explore this idea, I’d put myself off completely. It goes against many things I’ve been telling myself, it goes back on things I’ve declared, it would seem insane to some people (of course that’s not a reason, merely an observation), and actually I don’t have much knowledge on the subject.

But on the other hand, the ideas I’ve pursued in the past have always led to other things, and looking back I’ve been able to join the dots and see why they happened that way. It’s just at the moment I can’t quite fathom why this thing is so important to me. I have an inkling, but I’m not sure it’s the whole picture yet. I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

And that’s why I need to explore it. Not because it’s a logical thing to do, or because when you look at it on paper and compare it with other options it’s a better idea. But because it’s an idea that has an attraction for me, because it won’t get out of my head whatever I do, because everything I see or read seems to remind me of it in some way.

So explore it I will. And the path may not lead anywhere, it may just turn out to be an experience to collect and remember. But I won’t know unless I at least branch out and see what happens. And whatever happens, I will learn something from it that will lead to something else.

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