5 things I’ve learned about blogging

Come Blog With Me – Day 15

And we’re into the second half of the challenge, so I thought I’d reflect on a few things I’ve learned about blogging since I first pressed “publish” on a blog back in 2010. (In fact I’m approaching my 5 year bloggiversary (is that a word?!) – my first ever blog post was published on 14th February 2010. If you want to read tales of a three peaks mountain challenge, featuring sweetcorn and mountain goats (sort of), click here to read more.)

1. People blog about a wide variety of topics – nothing is too niche or obscure

As well as a mountain challenge, I’ve written about penguins, charities, creative writing, photography, travel and project planning – among other things. And it’s amazing what people are interested in. Really.

On CBWM there are bloggers writing about everyday life, about aspects of their businesses, about glittery poo and ugly Barbies….. (just visit Twitter, search for #CBWM and you’ll come across all these fabulous bloggers).

2. Each blog is someone’s individual voice, an expression of their uniqueness

Every blog has a person behind it – someone with their own choice of vocabulary and tone of voice and their own passions that they want to communicate to the world. Each blogger has their own sense of style which shows in the fonts and colours they use and the photos they select to illustrate their blog entries.

Totem pole, Virginia Water

3. Blogs are fairly simple to set up and share

Anyone who can set up a Facebook profile can set up and start writing a blog. It takes a little more knowledge to tweak the aesthetics of the blog and set it up so it shares posts on social media. But there are plenty of YouTube videos to show you how, WordPress has a comprehensive help section, and of course there’s Come Blog With Me!

4. If you’re alive, you can find something to write about on a blog

In Caitlin Moran’s book Moranthology, she talks about how she arrived at her writing niche. I couldn’t find the quote I was convinced I’d read there, but a quick scan earlier reminded me that she says the three subjects she enjoys writing about involve politeness, silliness and pointing. Proof, if you needed any, that you can write about anything you like as long as you’re enthusiastic about it.

5. There’s a whole community of people out there to discover

Blogs make it easy to like and share posts, and also to comment. If you’ve set up your profile and share your blog address when you comment, people will visit your blog and interact with you there. I just read a great example of this here on my friend Carla’s blog, where she talks about how blogging helped her discover and meet lots of like-minded people.

PS The photo is a totem pole at Virginia Water, part of Windsor Great Park. No relevance whatsoever to the blog post, but nicely summed up my general feelings about today.

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