7 facts everyone knows about me

Come Blog With Me – Day 18

Everywhere on Facebook at the moment you can see lists of 7 things that you didn’t know about your friends. I have decided to be different and write about 7 things that everyone knows about me!

1. I love penguins

Even if you’ve met me once on Twitter you’ll have worked this one out! It’s also demonstrated here and here in penguintastic detail, so I won’t dwell on this yet again. Much as I’d love to, obviously.

2. I wear a lot of purple

For this, I blame House of Colour. Once I realised that the reason I looked so tired in black and brown was because they weren’t the right colours for my skin tone, I went totally in the opposite direction and now only wear blues, purples, greens and variations of those.

3. I’m not very nice when I’m hungry

Do not mess with Hungry Nina. You have been warned.

4. I love lists

I am an organised person, and part of that organising involves writing lists. I love writing lists. I also love writing lists in nice notebooks. Give me an event to plan, a weekend away to organise, or a project to set up and there I am with my notebook starting a list.

I haven’t yet started writing lists of my lists though, I’m not that weird.

5. I eat salmon on Tuesdays

My husband doesn’t like salmon (or any fish in fact). So when he goes to his Rotary meeting on a Tuesday evening, I take the opportunity to eat salmon. Usually with lime and coriander. Often with a nice Sauvignon Blanc.

6. I have a thing about the sea

I grew up about 1.5 hours drive from the nearest seaside and usually only saw it when we visited my grandparents. The only time I’ve spent a significant amount of time near the coast is when I backpacked around Australia and New Zealand – and I came home with a new found fascination for the sea.

That attraction continues even 14 years later.  I could just sit by the sea for hours and watch the waves come in and out, observing the water lapping up the beach, listening to the sounds of the pebbles as the sea subsides. The sea is just so alive, and it calls to me to go and visit it.

7. I enjoy a nice glass of Disaronno Amaretto

I was first introduced to the fabulousness that is amaretto by a work colleague when we were at a hotel in Newport, South Wales. She had a taste for amaretto with coke if I recall correctly, but I decided that I preferred amaretto by itself with a bit of ice, and a new love was born.

Amaretto recently became part of a new work tradition when a colleague and I found that a glass or two in the hotel bar helped with the trauma of a particular meeting, and so it became a necessary ritual every time we travelled on business. Most recently a few months ago when we sampled the lovely specimens below:

Disaronno amaretto

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