It’s hard blogging every day

So it’s day 19 of Come Blog With Me. I’ve found it harder this week to find time to blog, because my current work commitment has got busier and more involved. And also because it’s hard to maintain a constant level of similar length blog posts.

I’ve got lots of ideas in my head, a long list of ramblings in Evernote, and a few scribbles in my fish-themed notebook (another Paperchase purchase). And I’ve got a few posts in draft, which I haven’t had time to polish up and publish.

But what I don’t have today is oodles of time.

I’ve just been flicking through Coast magazine, gazing at pictures of beaches while eating my breakfast. And wishing I had time for a leisurely wander by the sea. Failing to remind myself of course of the many obvious reasons why I won’t be driving to the seaside today.

But I can dream. And look forward to the day (soon, hopefully) when I feel up to a trip to the seaside, even if it’s just for a look not a wander.

In the meantime? I’m crossing my fingers that snow doesn’t ruin my weekend plan of friends coming to stay. Watching the dark clouds roll past in semi-darkness, against a surreal foreground of skeleton trees. And resisting the temptation to eat cake at 7.30am. (It’s sitting on the table looking at me, I really should move it into the kitchen.)

In other news, I got a birthday present yesterday that I’m excited about – a macro lens for my DSLR. If the weather isn’t too biting over the weekend, and if I can find some foliage or flowers in the garden, I will practice taking some photos with it.

Ah ha, there’s another blog post idea for next week, I must add it to my list. (Did I mention I like lists?)

Fish notebook, Paperchase

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