Why should we trust our intuition?

Come Blog With Me – Day 22

Today I’m pondering on the peculiarity of the human mind. Or more specifically my own mind.

I keep starting to write blog posts on one particular topic. I write down lots of evidence “for” and “against” and then end up trying to bias it in one direction. Every time. I’ve drafted several of these posts but not one has made it to being published. It’s like I’m trying to justify something to myself.

I suspect my intuition is trying to tell me something. It knows what I really think. And it also knows that I don’t need to justify it to anyone, not even to myself. No matter how odd this thought may seem to my logical brain.

Intuition is a funny thing. I remember once looking around for a new job, and I went for a first interview with another company in a similar field to the one I worked for. On paper it was the next logical step to what I’d been doing. It would have expanded my experience, and used the knowledge that I already had. The interview went well and the people seemed nice. But even when I had a list in front of me of all the very valid reasons I should explore it further, something told me not to.

I couldn’t explain why I didn’t want to pursue the opportunity. It was definitely not the most logical decision to make. And most people would probably have advised me to go to the second interview anyway and see what happened. But it just didn’t feel right. So I didn’t go for the second interview.

Although it seems like an odd thing to do to turn down an opportunity that was clearly a very good and sensible one, it was obviously the right decision for me at that time. Everything that’s happened to me since is as a result of me staying where I was and continuing on the path I was on. And I wouldn’t change any of that – the redundancy, the volunteering, the contracting, the freelancing or the free-ranging. It’s all part of who I am today.

So why trust your intuition?

I don’t know why I should trust my intuition to be honest. Not really. It comes up with some weird stuff. It’s making me think crazy thoughts. And I’m not sure it knows what it’s doing.

But I do think things happen for a reason. People appear in your life for a reason. Opportunities and ideas emerge for a reason. And we should trust that. There’s a reason I have a thought in my head that won’t go away. And I need to bide my time and then choose whether to act on it at the right moment.

In the meantime, I am going to try and distract my mind with other things – like the last 7 days of this blogging challenge, and eating the amaretto chocolates that I was given over the weekend. And if all else fails, there are plenty of penguins on YouTube.

10 thoughts on “Why should we trust our intuition?

  1. Nina you are so, so right. I can think of quite a few examples of where I made the wrong choices but no of those were based on intuition. I can’t think of one where my intuition let me down. We just need to have the courage to hear intuition when it starts shouting at us. Great post! Xx

  2. I think intuition is sooooo important. I have no logical reason for doing half the things in my life that I’ve done and so far I can’t complain too much! There are often too many options in life, I like it that sometimes we can just say, I’m not going to weigh them up, I’m just going to do it.

  3. This is the exact same message I’ve been getting over the last few days!! I even wrote a blog post about it earlier today! Freaky or what?! BTW: amaretto chocolates? Yum!! Jealous! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I LOVE this Nina. I’m a big one for following your gut. Make most of my decisions based on it now (if my pesky emotions – guilt etc don’t get in the way) not really one for logic or fact!
    Have you read finding your North Star? Lots of spooky woo intuition stuff in there which the rational side of me wanted to dismiss but I completely loved it.

    • No I haven’t read that one Lotte, sounds intriguing, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve got a lot more woo woo over the last couple of years, I do take some of it with a pinch of salt, but there’s a lot of sense in there too. (And that’s me talking as a logical person!)

  5. I think that your intuition is part of our creativity as human beings, it is made up of what we feel, what we know, understand, experience, absorb. It sometimes can feel like we just get a funny feeling, but I actually think that it is just a different type of intelligence. Plus it is a very feminine quality which should be utilised more. Facts and figures are the same for everyone, your intuition is unique to you – so I think that it is good to let it out a bit. Thanks for the post x

    • Thanks Becky, that’s a really interesting interpretation of intuition. And I like the way you align it with creativity as well – it goes back to what I’ve said before about our uniqueness, and seems that intuition fits nicely within that too.

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