Why I love Twitter

This article may be a few years old, but the points in it still hold true today!

Come Blog With Me – Day 24

Anyone who’s spent any time with me in person or online knows that I love Twitter. But why? What is it about the microblogging platform that continues to hold my interest?

Me and Twitter

First a little background on me and my relationship with Twitter. I started using it 5 years ago to communicate about a charity fundraising challenge. I connected with other people doing similar challenges and used it to share blog posts about our training. And on the challenge weekend, our support crew used it to tweet updates on our whereabouts (we were a little busy walking up and down mountains!)

Since then I’ve been using Twitter to promote local Rotary club and community events and share information about local businesses and networking. I co-founded a “Tweetup” and I teach charities and small business owners on how to use Twitter to promote their activities in their local area.

Why I love Twitter

1. It’s free! Just like all social media. All that’s needed is an investment of time and an understanding of how best to utilise it.

2. You can meet new people through it, who you might not have found so easily elsewhere. It expands your network in a different way to Facebook, as you can search using relevant hashtags.

3. Once you know how to use it, you can find information on pretty much anything you’re interested in.

4. You can get instant news updates. It’s often my first port of call to see what’s going on in the world – easier than going to lots of different news websites, as you can see all the key headlines in one place.

5. You can hear news from conferences or sporting events or major happenings, even if you’re not able to go. If it’s happening, someone will probably be live tweeting it!

photo credit: wildxplorer via photopin cc

6. You can follow celebrities as well as people and companies you know. All in one place, which can be a bit strange sometimes when you see a tweet from Hugh Jackman next to one from your local Chinese restaurant!

7. It’s brilliant for publicising local events. Our local papers are great at retweeting event information, and I’ve sometimes been contacted for further details that led to newspaper coverage as a result of my tweeting.

8. You can find a new audience for your blog posts just by tweeting links with interesting titles and comments. (And we’ve picked up a few tips from Lotte in Come Blog With Me on ways to make this even more effective!)

9. You can schedule tweets in advance if you have an event on or want to regularly share links throughout the day, which is really helpful. (But don’t forget to interact as well, or people will lose interest in what you’re saying and unfollow you.)

10. If you’re bored, there’s always something new to read on Twitter – articles, news and random conversations. And of course there are pictures of cats.

And that’s it – those are the reasons I love Twitter. Pop over there and say hello – you can find me here.

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