Why I am grateful

Come Blog With Me – Day 27

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the good things we have. In the midst of the terrible things happening all over the world and minor crises at home or work, we lose sight of the bigger picture. But we do truly have so many things to be grateful for and positive about:

  • We have the basic essentials – clean running water, shelter, readily available food. And we have lighting, heating and electricity.
  • We can read and write, we have had an education, we can use the internet to access a vast array of knowledge and information. We have books and libraries.
  • We have paid work whether employed or self-employed, we have a huge variety of entertainment on offer in our homes and local areas – music, theatre, cinema, comedy.
  • We each have an amazing human body and brain, both capable of far more than we often realise.
  • We have people around us – friends, family, local community. Older relatives to share wisdom, young children to delight in exploring and play.
  • We have the wonders of nature everywhere, tiny details that we delight in when we remember to look for them, the smells and sights and sounds. From the sky to the sea to the forests to the earth below us, there are miniature miracles everywhere.
  • We have an incredible built environment around us – the often invisible infrastructure of life, architecture both modern and ancient. Houses and factories, palaces and castles.
  • We have art in all its many forms – sculpture, painting, photography, illustrations, drawings, watercolours and oils.
  • We have a whole world inside our heads – an imagination, our creative mind, our very own thoughts unique to us. An ability to choose our reactions to events and act accordingly. The wisdom to learn from experience and adapt our actions. The freedom to decide.

Clouds from aboveAnd maybe the weather isn’t how you wanted it to be, or someone’s cancelled a social arrangement, or your foot hurts and you’re feeling a bit grumpy, or your boss shouted at you because they were having a bad day. But that will pass. It is what it is. It’s part of being alive.

Just look at all the amazing things we have. Appreciate the little details, the small kindnesses. They will be there in amongst the sadness, the tragedy and the minor irritations. All part of life’s rich tapestry.

Have I missed anything? Is there something you’re grateful for that wasn’t covered on the list? Or do you find it hard to be grateful at the moment because of things that are going on right now?

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