Embracing uncertainty

Help! Since I finished Come Blog With Me 4 days ago, I have been trying to follow up with another blog post. I suppose it’s a bit like that second novel – it comes with lots of pressure and expectation. I feel like I need to write something useful and profound, but am having trouble pinpointing exactly what that should be. So why haven’t I come up with anything yet?

Well I’m wrestling with some work uncertainty at the moment. Finishing off one thing, a few new project options on the table, and something I’d love to do but not sure whether it will be possible.

I’m also trying to figure out where this blog is going to go next. Will it continue as it’s been going and just ramble on about whatever takes my fancy that day, or will I use it to support a specific project? I do have a couple of projects in mind, I’ve just not decided which ones to start yet.

And there’s the ongoing recovery from my operation. Something which I had no idea would still be an issue. I assumed that by now it would all have been back to “normal” and I’d be skipping around the streets merrily. Ha ha.

I think that’s probably why I can’t work out what to write on this blog – because there’s so much uncertainty hovering around in my head. But, it is what it is. There’s nothing I can really do about most of these things, other than a little exploration and trying things out.

So I shall do the one thing I can still do, which is type, form words into sentences – and press publish……

Zug, Switzerland

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