Why you should rediscover what you love

You only get one life, and once you’ve lived it, that’s it. So you owe it yourself to make the most of it, to enjoy it.

But why do so many of us stick with jobs or situations we hate, and not do anything to change that? Mainly because we’re scared. Scared of change, scared of being happy, scared of upsetting people we love, scared of failing, scared of looking silly, scared of sharing our dreams and having them trampled on.

We get into habits, and continue to do whatever we’re doing just because it’s comfortable and easy. Even if truthfully we don’t enjoy it. And we carry on that way unless something shakes things up or changes our perspective on life – like ill health, bereavement, redundancy, or maternity leave. Even then, we might go back to our old ways after a while.


But even simple changes can slowly start to make a difference to how we see our world and what’s in it. Introducing a weekly exercise class into our routine, or a painting course, walking to work one day a week, or doing a small creative project.

And once there’s a new habit in there, there’s room for different ideas, new people and a broader perspective.

Sometimes our life and work situation is fine in itself, it’s just that we need to inject a little variety into it, some new challenges, some new boundaries between work and home. Maybe work fewer days, or mix up commuting and working at home.

Of course sometimes by opening up your eyes to things you love doing, you’ll realise that you really don’t like your work at all. And then you might have to experiment to work out exactly what change is right for you in that instance – a completely new career, a new job with a different company, a flexible working arrangement, freelance work or consulting, or a portfolio career with more than one type of work.

But regardless of whether it’s a career change you want or just a new perspective, how can you get started on rediscovering what you love?

You can find inspiration in all sorts of places. Why not try one of these….

  • Think about what you enjoyed as a child. Painting? Pretending to be on TV? Making mud pies?
  • Flick through your local college’s evening class brochure
  • Join Meetup and see what local groups catch your eye
  • Go out for a long walk and see what ideas occur to you
  • Chat to friends about things they wish they’d done, or things you could try together
  • Try something active – dance, running, a new sport
  • Be creative – start painting, drawing, pottery, sewing
  • Start a blog and just see what happens
  • Just try something. Anything. Something that takes your fancy.

What have you rediscovered that you’d forgotten you loved? What could you make sure you add into your life in 2015?

3 thoughts on “Why you should rediscover what you love

  1. Love this Nina! In my recent relationship, I stopped doing the things I love. It wasn’t that he forced me to stop, he encouraged me so much to do what I love but I forced myself to stop so I could spend more time with him. What a mistake, but one I’m glad to say I’ve learned from and I’m back rediscovering what I love. Dance being one of them 🙂

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