What is life, actually?

So what is life?

Life is what I am experiencing right now. This moment when I am typing and the daylight is dimming outside, this moment when you are reading the post, maybe with a glass of wine or perhaps a coffee. This moment when I’m starting to feel a bit cold and wondering whether I need to reach for that nice warm blanket. And when you’re nodding along to what I’m writing, or perhaps only half reading because someone is in the room demanding your attention.

There are moments I imagine for myself which may well come to pass, but they will be just that, fleeting or lingering moments, time spent with people, interesting discoveries made, beauty or ugliness observed at close range, tasks taken on and enjoyed, places visited and explored. And they won’t be how I imagine them now, not completely. And they will just be moments among many other moments.

Trees and skyIt’s no use dwelling on ideas and thinking through possible future scenarios in detail, because the actual experience I have of them will be different, sometimes very different indeed. I might be jealous of someone’s amazing new business, or envious of someone’s new job, but forget the fact that although overall an experience might be amazing and might be one to look back on fondly, there will still be frustrations, annoying people and horrible moments. The day to day reality could be very different from the bigger picture.

What I should be concentrating on is just enjoying right now. The dimming light, the end of the working day, and the anticipation of that plaice in the fridge with the lemon near it. And knowing that tomorrow will deal with itself when it comes. As will the day after and the day after that. And there will be many moments to live through in those days. Moments of nothing in particular, moments of laughter perhaps, moments of annoyance when some little thing doesn’t quite go to plan, moments of triumph when a gamble pays off, moments of peace when watching nature go by.

But what every single moment has in common is that it happens only now. In the present. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Once it’s been lived through, it’s been lived through and become a memory. So why waste this moment right now wondering about a moment yet to be, that will be different to its imagined self, or becoming engrossed in a view of the past?

Why not just live this moment, experience everything it has to offer and accept it for what it is, good or not so good. Because this moment right now? That’s my life.

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