A month of photos – March 2015

I’ve done a few photo challenges over the last couple of years. The idea is simple – one photo a day – either pick a theme or just choose to take photos of whatever inspires you.

I haven’t done one for quite a while, and so during March, I’m going to take one photo a day on the theme “blue”.

To see my previous photo challenges, look here, here or here.

And for some more inspiration, you might want to visit the website of Surrey-based KerryJ Photography – Kerry is doing a 365 day photo challenge in 2015. I don’t think I can possibly emulate this, but I’m enjoying seeing her weekly updates!

I’ll be posting my daily photos on my Instagram account – and a summary here at the end of March. If you’d like to join me, write a blog post or set up somewhere to post your photos (Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, a Facebook page) and add a link below so I know where to find the end result. You don’t have to choose the same theme, just pick whatever inspires you.

I look forward to seeing all the photos at the end of the month….

Sky and branches

2 thoughts on “A month of photos – March 2015

  1. Nina you should check out Fat Mum Slim blog by Chantelle! She does a photo a day challenge and new prompts come out each week, one for each day. Today’s prompt is macro. She encourages others to do the challenge and share the pics on Twitter, the Facebook group and Instagram. I love doing it, brings out my creative side 😊

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